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Monthly Archives: June 2009

RGB masks using MR labeled shader.

This is a quick introduction to show how you can use the MR labeled render element in max 2010 to created masks for compositing with a mask on each channel (RGB) per image. I use this in conjunction with Slide Shaders which you can read about here to output the masks as layers within an [...]

scene explorer expansion pack.

requirements: 3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010 Download the new scene explorer expansion pack here. Changelog: – 26/06/09 updated the script to work with VRay and Maxwell camera properties. – 13/07/09 introduced a version check, and validated the code for max2009. Note that max2009 doesn’t allow you re-name the properties so it may look a little [...]

scene explorer and containers as a nested layer manager.

Please read about and download the scene explorer expansion pack. – Introduction. – Optimizing the scene explorer. – Creating an advanced layer system in 3ds Max 2010. – Conclusion. – Other useful scene explorers. – Autodesk on containers. Introduction.

zagreb airport.

[vimeo 5114414 The making of Zagreb airport, stage by stage] This is a short video showing the changes that take place during the post production of a rendering before it is finished. The renders that we create are of a very high standard, but we will usually enhance them using photoshop to get that extra [...]

slide shaders.

I’ve been talking with Robin Deitch from Slide London and experimenting with their mental ray shader called Slide Shaders. Essentially, this great shader will export a multi-layered EXR file from max when you render with mental ray.

maxscript align tools.

While I was in Utrecht, Ken Pimental was asked what features we think should be added to Max. Someone asked for the ability to align an object to three points. This script has been in my toolbox for a long time, so I’ve taken it out, polished it up, and partnered it with a friend. [...]

maxscript open bitmaps in photoshop.

This is an oldie but a goody. Put simply, it is a script that will open 3ds Max material maps in photoshop. I use it in my quad menu. If photoshop isn’t open, then it will open it for you. I’ve recently updated it to work with class instances, a much more efficient and almost [...]

mental mill glass shader.

How do you make a glass shader in mental mill? I’ve been searching around for some basics in getting things running and there isn’t that much available. Here I’ve put some notes together on creating a simple glass shader in mental mill. Download simple the mental mill shader here

making mental mill shaders work in 3ds Max.

Currently there are some known issues when using mental mill shaders in 3ds Max. mental mill shaders will render in the 3ds Max material editor and viewport if you follow these rules. While I was at EUE last week I had the pleasure of talking with Ruediger Raab and Neil Hazard who are partly to [...]

mental mill.

I’m currently experimenting with mental mill and 3dsMax. mental mill is developed by mental images and is basically a graphical interface for developing mental ray shaders. You drag and drop the lines to join bubbles together, and underneath mental mill does all the coding. Once you’re finished you can load the mental mill shader in [...]