Joshua Newman.

in 3D.

before and after.

Raha beach before and after.

Here are some of meshrooms projects that show the difference before and after our post production stage. We’re now being asked more and more to do the post production on our clients images to bring them up to scratch.

There is a lot of competition from companies offering extremely cheap services at the moment. In the middle of a recession it is very tempting for a business to look at cutting costs, and that often means choosing a cheaper supplier for some of your goods. This is no good for us, as being based in London we cannot compete with the cost of services that companies from China and Argentina are offering. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to clear my inbox of emails from companies in far away places offering to do my work for prices that I can’t even get out of bed for.

Ningbo before and after

Also, many architectural practices are turning to using people in house to do their rendering for them. These people are already on staff, and may not have much else to do anyway, and although their skills are not as good as out sourcing they’re quite acceptable considering the money they save. You just have to look through Building Design to see it flooded with low quality images that appear to have been done on the cheap.

Zagreb before and after

Many of our clients are doing this, but they’re finding that often the quality is not good enough, or maybe that the visualisation company didn’t really understand what had to be done and therefore a full time employee had to spend a lot of time communicating with them to get the job done, or even that after a certain stage they refuse to make revisions to the images anymore.
This is producing an interesting effect for us, we find that more and more we are asked to fix a rendering done by another company and asked to bring it up to scratch.

Slussen Lock before and after

We use these techniques in our everyday work, as these examples will show you. Sometimes the renderings are OK but it is in the post production that they really begin to sing.

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