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Monthly Archives: May 2010


meshroom is honoured to have been selected to have a couple of images in the new book, ‘Inspirato’ from 3DATS. No-one really knew what to expect from the book, and even some were quite tough on the team behind it on CGArchitect despite all of their hard work.

end user event, EUE 2010.

I’ve been a bit slack over the last couple of months with posting. It has been my intention to post something monthly, and it appears that I haven’t kept that up so well. I’ve got a couple of drafts stored up which I hope to publish shortly, mostly waiting on the right moment. Anyway, to [...]


ramRender will load both the previous render and the new render into the Ram Player for easy comparison. ramRender is written in Maxscript and is compatible with Max 2009 upwards. *** Beta *** Download the ramRender script here Changelog: – 24/08/10 RamRender no longer disables the RFW. – 11/05/10 unleashed unto the world! ramRender is [...]