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EUE – be there or be square.


It’s on again. Tomorrow I leave for Utrecht and the End User Event.
I cannot stress how useful this event has been for me in the past as a way to meet other artists and professionals and to keep up to date with the 3D industry.

*** UPDATED *** 04/07/2011 ***

Well I am back after a whirlwind tour of Utrecht. This conference is truly great just in it’s concentration of real talent. All of the speakers are approachable on a one to one basis and I’ve had the chance to talk with many architectural visualisation guys such as Vyonyx and Luxigon, and also met new guys like Lukasz Gradzki from renderare. Outside of visualisation I’ve also had the chance to meet 3D celebrities like Bobo (no introduction needed) not to mention some great 3D talent like Mike Meron from Analog and Rune Spaans of Troll Hunter fame. I will definitely be attending again next year.

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