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Iraq Hotel.

A very conceptual project from Broadway Malyan completed in two days. The brief was essentially a sketch, and the project was modelled using Grasshopper in Rhino3D. Rendered in Mental Ray with 3DsMax.

Gabon Hotel Lobby.

Rendered using VRay.

Hotel Gabon concept.

A conceptual test image for the Gabon Hotel project from DOS Architects. Rendered in 3DsMax using Mental Ray, this is a rebuild from render elements exported as a 32bit EXR and reconstructed in Photoshop.

Gwang Gyo Lake.

A lake view of the Gwang Gyo development for Foster and Partners. Rendered ith VRay in 3DsMax. Completed with Meshroom.

Gwang Gyo Aerial.

Gwang Gyo Aerial, a mixed use development in China for Foster and Partners. Rendered with VRay in 3DsMax together with Meshroom.

New Holland, St Petersburg.

Buenos Aires Waterfront.

Image compositing exercise for a Hotel on the Buenos Aires waterfront.