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scene explorer expansion pack.

requirements: 3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010 Download the new scene explorer expansion pack here. Changelog: – 26/06/09 updated the script to work with VRay and Maxwell camera properties. – 13/07/09 introduced a version check, and validated the code for max2009. Note that max2009 doesn’t allow you re-name the properties so it may look a little [...]

scene explorer and containers as a nested layer manager.

Please read about and download the scene explorer expansion pack. – Introduction. – Optimizing the scene explorer. – Creating an advanced layer system in 3ds Max 2010. – Conclusion. – Other useful scene explorers. – Autodesk on containers. Introduction.

maxscript align tools.

While I was in Utrecht, Ken Pimental was asked what features we think should be added to Max. Someone asked for the ability to align an object to three points. This script has been in my toolbox for a long time, so I’ve taken it out, polished it up, and partnered it with a friend. [...]